Healthy Mess Food List

Healthy Mess Food List

Many need to have a mess due to study-job or many other special reasons. That's why many people want to know about the list of healthy mess food? Today's article is totally for them.

In today's article, you will know the details of mess food lists. Also, starting from healthy food list, you will know details about what should be a hostel food list and 7 days food list with three meals a day for a person.

Mess Menu

There are three types of mess menu. 1) Low budget food list i.e. all the food list for less money. 2) Medium Budget Food List 3) High Quality High Budget Good Quality Food List.

1) Low Budget Food List :-

Currently many schools, colleges, madrasahs, universities have many messes for employees whose meal list is as follows 👇

Morning- coarse rice boiled khichuri + raw chili + onion + mustard oil. Sometimes a portion of last night's dal. Sometimes rice + potato filling + thin dal. This is how the food menu is every day, seven days a week.

Lunch:- - Seven days a week, the mess has a varied menu. Eg = rice + fish two days a week. Rice + chicken once a week. Rice+beef once a week. Rice + eggs twice a week.

In this way, mess owners serve lunch menus to mess members by creating a no-label mess menu.

Night - Low budget mess menus are almost every day, seven days a week. The food menu is prepared with all these vegetables and potatoes.

2) Food list of Medium Budget Mess :-

At present, the meal list of mess in medium budget is as follows 👇

Morning- Roti +Dal Bhaji/Hot Rice+Sabji Dal/Sweet Rice Khichuri.

Lunch:- Two days of beef + one day of chicken + three days of fish + one day of eggs

Night:-Rice bhaji dal/thin khichuri vegetables/vegetarian etc seven days a week.

3) High Budget Mess Food List :-

In this budget the food menu is prepared in the current matches as follows 👇

Morning- Kala Bhuna + Parotta / Bhuna Khichuri.

Lunch :- Three days of beef + one day of beef + two days of fish + two days of local chicken.

Night:- Vegetable food is prepared inside whatever food is managed.

In general, all types of food except fatty foods are provided at night.

The food list of all the messes mentioned above. All this information is collected from an online service portal and these lists are complete current era match food list.

Healthy Food List

The list of healthy foods that a person needs to have is discussed below

Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are first on one's list of healthy delicacies. Sweet potato is a vitamin C rich food. Any way you include sweet potatoes in your diet will add nutrients to your body.

Mango - Mango is a source of vitamin C. And to say only vitamin C would be wrong to say hundred percent vitamin C. This mango provides health from various ailments, protects against many diseases and lowers blood pressure.

So keep mango fruits in the mess food list every day.

Various Green Vegetables :- Any green leafy vegetable is very beneficial for the body because all the minerals contained in the green leafy vegetables are useful for the body. So try to keep green vegetables in the food menu every day. You know the only vegetable that can be cooked quickly.

Fish- We should keep fish food in any one of the 3 meals every day. Try if possible. If not, eat fish three times a week.

Meat – Try to eat beef or mutton at least once a week. By doing this, many types of diseases and nutritional deficiency of your body will be fulfilled.

Eggs :- You will be surprised if you think about how important eggs are. One boiled egg can get you through the day. That is, try to include eggs in the menu four to five times per week.

There are also many vitamin-rich foods that a person should include in their mess diet. If possible, at least try to include these nutritious foods in your daily menu as per the above menu.

Hostel Food Menu

There are many of us readers who search on google to know about hostel food menu. For them, I will tell you that the food menu in the hostel is prepared differently by different hostels. But you should try in favor of Paroto, the hostels that have healthy meals every day.

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Try to manage the food in those hostels. In other words, eat in those hostels which serve good nutritious and quality food in the menu.

Otherwise, you will get sick later by eating unhealthy food. You will get the menu boy of each hostel for the list of food in the hostel.

Three Meal Menu

Food is very essential for a person to survive. In the same way, it is dangerous to eat without looking at the three-day meal list like a healthy time. Therefore, eating food is necessary for survival. To stay healthy, you should eat three meals on time.

A nutritionist says that a person can take about 20 to 25 percent in the morning. So a person should have a full meal every morning. But we do the opposite which causes us to become unhealthy and unhealthy at times and increase sickness.

You can eat a seasonal fruit in the morning and mid-afternoon. For example apple, guava, banana etc but not more than one.

We currently do not eat in the morning and eat most of the food in the afternoon which is very harmful for the body. A healthy person needs to eat every three hours to survive, just remember not to over count calories.

After that, between noon and evening, eat tea, coffee, or ice cream, chocolate, that is, energizing food. At night, eat very little. Dinner should be eaten before evening and should be the least meal of the day.

All Day Meal List

Below we discuss what foods a person needs to eat throughout the day to stay healthy

Following is the seven days a week meal plan from which you should try to keep these menus in the meal list every day. This will keep you and your family healthy

Madrasa Food Routine

There was a time when Madrasa was the most neglected and malnourished food was served. But now the Madrasa food routine is better than mess menu. The meal routine lists all the nutritious foods and timings each day.

Currently, Bangladesh has numerous madrasahs, each madrasah has its own food routine. So you want to know about the food routine of a particular madrasa in the comments and also go to the madrasa and get the news directly.

Mess Market List

With all the information available on Google in the current era, many people search on Google to get the idea of Mess Market List. But without getting any result, it goes back on its own, I will say one thing to them. Mess Food Market This is determined by the Mess Manager and is subject to discussion by all.

So I can't give you any information about Mess market list. However, we have discussed above in the healthy food menu, all the foods that need to be included in the Yes Mess food list to stay healthy. In general, try to keep healthy nutritious and balanced food menus in the mess market menu.

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