Solar Panel Prices in 2024

Demand for electricity is steadily increasing and solar has emerged as a viable alternative to reduce dependence on fossil fuels for power generation. Solar usage is also increasing rapidly in Bangladesh.

Solar Panel Prices in 2024

Solar Panel Prices in 2024:

Panel Types: Different types of solar panels are available in the market, such as monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous. Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient and expensive, polycrystalline panels are less efficient and less expensive, and amorphous panels are the least efficient and least expensive.

Wattage: The cost of solar panels depends on the wattage. High wattage panels cost more.

Brands: Various brands of solar panels are available in the market. Popular brands of panels are usually more expensive.

Market: The cost of solar panels depends on market conditions and government subsidies.

Approximate Price:

Monocrystalline: Tk 60-80 per watt

Polycrystalline: Tk 50-70 per watt

Amorphous: Tk 40-60 per watt

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Before Buying Solar Panels:

Determine your requirements.

Ask the price from different sellers in the market.

Know about panel warranty and guarantee.

Get the help of an experienced installer.

Advantages of Solar Panels:

Reduces electricity consumption.

Environmentally friendly.

Eliminates load shedding of electricity.

A self-sufficient power system can be developed.

Disadvantages of Solar Panels:

The initial investment is high.

Dependent on sunlight.

maintenance required.


The cost of solar panels depends on several factors. Solar panel prices are expected to drop slightly in 2024 compared to 2023. The government is providing various subsidies to increase the use of solar energy.

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