Know These Important Things Before Buying an AC

Excessive heat causes discomfort in summer. The good thing is, due to the advancement in technology, electronic products like AC or air conditioners can reduce this suffering to a great extent. Let's know about all the important things that should be considered while buying an AC.

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What is AC / AC?

AC or air conditioner is an electric machine that provides the facility of controlling room temperature as desired. After selecting a temperature lower or higher than the current room temperature, the AC changes the room temperature accordingly.

How does AC Work?

An AC works much like a fridge or refrigerator in everyone's home, but on a larger scale. The refrigerator absorbs the temperature of an object kept in the refrigerator, while the AC absorbs the heat of the entire room. The chemicals contained in the AC compressor are pressurized to vaporize the liquid and remove the pressure. Meanwhile, the mechanical mechanism of AC absorbs the heat of the room. It works much like a refrigerator compressor. Waste water is generated during this process. The way to understand whether the AC is working properly is the water emitted from the air conditioner.

Types of Air Conditioner / Types of AC

ACs can be divided into different parts based on where the compressor and blower are mounted. Let's know about different types of AC.

Window AC

By hearing the name, you may have understood how window AC can be. This type of AC is mostly used to control the temperature of small rooms. In these ACs, the compressor, condenser, coil and evaporator are all connected in one unit. But it will not be good for a little bigger room. The use of window AC is not seen very much in homes in our country.

Portable AC

Portable AC is relatively easy to move. But don't think after hearing the name that you can change the location of this AC very easily. Basically this AC can be moved from room to room to meet daily cooling needs. However, a window kit is required to install a portable AC. The room should be ventilated by a pipe outside.

Split AC

This type of AC is most popular for home use. This AC is divided into two components – indoor unit and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit consists of a condenser unit containing a compressor and heat exchanging coil.

Outdoor unit should be placed under open air. Indoor units, on the other hand, have a coil that basically absorbs or gives off heat from the room. Split AC is currently very popular for home use.

Wall AC

This type of AC is quite common in homes. Wall ACs are much like window ACs, with everything in a single unit. They are installed directly into the wall. Although slightly more expensive, this type of AC is more efficient than window or portable AC.

Installing a wall AC requires quite a bit of customization in the house. Usually people use them in their homes, because for this they need to cut a lot of space in the wall and install AC in it. You may not be allowed to install it unless the rental house has already cut the wall for it.

Ducted AC

Ducted AC or Central AC is useful in various situations. This type of AC uses huge compressors that are located outside the building. Internal evaporative unit ducts control the temperature of multiple rooms by connecting pipes or vents together. This type of AC is used to control the temperature of the entire house or office.

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While buying an air conditioner, you should look at its features. Let's find out what features to check an air conditioner for.

Inverter or Non-Inverter?

Inverter ACs are slightly more expensive, but they consume less electricity. Non-inverter AC costs a little less, but consumes more electricity. Inverter AC is now more popular and considered better. Inverter AC is also less noise.

Mode Settings

Air conditioners have a variety of mode settings. Cooling, reducing humidity, fan or heat increase or decrease these mode settings are in an AC. These AC settings are required to feel comfortable.

Adjustable Thermostat

Air conditioners have the facility to control the temperature of the room. Any temperature can be set as per requirement using AC. After setting the temperature, the AC will automatically adjust the room temperature.


Automatic AC can be turned on and off using a timer to reduce energy costs. Suppose you go out of the house AC will be turned off and when you return home from work AC will be turned on, you can make such settings through the timer.


Not being able to sleep at night due to the noise of the air conditioner or excessive temperature is very annoying. To get rid of this problem, look for an air conditioner that has a sleep mode.

Some important points regarding air conditioners

  • Select AC based on your room size. A large AC cools the room faster, but the electricity bill is higher.
  • A 100 sq ft room requires 1 ton of AC. With a 1.5 ton AC you can cover 180 square feet. If 2 ton AC is suitable for 240 sqft room.
  • You can check the prices by going to local shops, it saves a lot of money.
  • Make sure the AC is fully functional before buying.
  • If you decide to buy a window AC, make sure you have window space in your room to install the AC.
  • Consider the total number of windows in the room while buying a split air AC. Excessive air ventilation can affect cooling levels.
  • Like any other electrical product, AC should be protected from dust and excess heat.
  • If you want to buy AC for long time use, buy inverter AC. Although it costs a little more money, the electricity bill will be lower and can be used for a long time.

Here is a discussion about the things you need to know while buying an AC. Now go to your nearest showroom, shopping center or shopping website and find AC as per your requirement.

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