These 4 Great Tricks of Google Maps will Make Your Life Easier

Hello techtunes community, how are you all? I hope you are well. As always, I am here today with a new tune.

Google Maps is one of the apps used every day on smartphones. This app helps us a lot in accurate navigation and vehicle movement. Today we are going to show you 3 cool tricks of Google Maps, which you might not know and which can make your life easier.

1. One Finger Zoom

Suppose you are on a bike, zooming in on Google Maps at the moment may be difficult for you. But don't worry you can do this with one finger. Double tap on the map and now finger up will zoom out, finger down will zoom out.

2. Set Reminders

You can forget when to visit a location. To avoid this problem you can use Google Maps. Open the location you want to visit on the next day or on a specific date, open the place map, and scroll down to enable Remind You to leave on time and set the time and date. Google will remind you when the job is done.

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3. Parking Location

You can set the specific parking location. Park the car and tap your location on the map, and select Set as Parking location.

4. Setting the Location Label

You can put any location under specific label. By doing this, you don't have to search for the location from time to time. Tap on the location and click Label and create custom label for you.

Last Word

Many people may know some of the tricks of Google Maps, but I am sure that among these three tricks of today, any one of the tricks was unknown to you.

So today until the next tune stay well Allah Hafez.

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